Note to All Members

Per Recreation Center rules the SCW Pickleball Club must dedicate 10% of the total number of pickleball courts to non-member play, or SCW community play. There are 26  courts – so 3 courts are to be dedicated to non-member/community play.

Those courts are located at the RH Johnson location. The Sands courts number 1, 2, and 3 are designated as 1C, 2C and 3C for that reason. These three courts shall not be used for any scheduled club activity.

Members are  to use only Courts 4-8 for Club scheduled play and these courts may be reserved when there are no Club scheduled events. All members are required by Club rules to wear their name badge during club activities and to sign in either with the rec center monitor or via the sign-in sheet.  The club rules are in effect year-round. Non-compliance could result in Rec Center intervention. If you are last one leaving the courts, please take down the umbrellas.
Your cooperation is appreciated.