Questions & Answers (A to Z)

BALL MACHINE: There is a ball machine available for members of the club. You must be certified in its use before requesting. If you wish to be certified to use the club pickleball machine contact Mike Maloney at 630 337 8716 or email Mike.

Once you are certified you may contact any of the following to arrange for machine access:

BALLS & BALL HOLDERS: Balls are provided for play by the Club. There are 20 ball holders on the courts containing new pickleballs. Please return balls to the holders when leaving a court. 

BROKEN BALLS: Please place all broken or cracked balls in the green metal boxes marked Broken Balls, located next to each court.

BUYING A PADDLE & BALLS: The Pickleball Club sells paddles for a special price. Balls are also available to purchase. Cost to members is $40. Call Ron Mullen at 243-5141 or email Ron.

CLUB MEETINGS: Meetings are held monthly, September thru May. Check the Calendar for exact dates and locations. All members are encouraged to attend.

DROP IN & SKILL-LEVEL DROP IN: Open to men and women of all skill levels. Play with familiar friends or meet new players! Courts are set aside for skill level and open play. Check court schedules on calendar tab above.

ENTRANCE TO COURT: There is one entrance to Liberty Courts Pickleball Center (Palm Ridge Recreation Center). The main entrance is located by the restroom building.

FEES: All fees for membership, events, socials, badges, etc. go in the GREEN locked mailbox, next to the Club bulletin board at LIberty Court. Please put all pertinent information on the outside of the envelope. NO cash, checks only.  Make checks payable to SCW Pickleball Club.

FIRST AID: Three First Aid Kits are located on the courts. They are attached to the fence on Court 8, Court 16, and next to the restrooms.  IMPORTANT – Accident / Incident Report Forms are located Inside each kit and need to be filled out and turned Into the Palm Ridge Rec Center desk each time an accident occurs.

GUESTS: You must go into the Palm Ridge Rec. Center with a valid Rec. Card, and a Guest Fee Credit to register your guest(s) before bringing them into the courts. Club guest policy applies.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Times vary, depending on the season. Please check with the Palm Ridge Rec Center for current hours of operation. All play must end by 9:00 pm.

JOINING THE CLUB & RENEWING: Dues are $25 annually.  Club badges are required at a cost of $9. Fill out the white envelope located on the bulletin board and enclose cash or check. Seal and place in the locked GREEN mailbox next to the Club bulletin board. Dues may also be paid online through PayPal via the membership tab.  For membership questions contact Lucy Ward: lucyward1@cox.net or telephone at 602-686-4126.

LADDERS: Women, Men, Mixed, & Age 75+. The Ladders are scheduled competitive play. You work your way up the ladder as your game improves. See ladder tab above.

LESSONS: An orientation to Pickleball is provided to all interested. We are also beginning our PickleSkills Plus program for helping Club members improve their game. See the Pickleskills+ tab above.

LESSON PADDLES: Paddles will be loaned to new players for the Introduction Class. They have a lime green handle and should be returned to the Coordinator at the end of play.

LIGHTS: To turn ON the lights for night play, the switches are located on the light posts In Courts 1, 5 & 7, and next to each court gate on Courts 11ยท18. Please turn lights OFF when play is finished. All lights will be turned off automatically at 9:05 pm.

LOANER PADDLES: Paddles are available for Rec Card holders and their Guests at the Palm Ridge Rec Center desk. Just ask for them when you check a Guest in. Paddles can also be checked out at the R.H. Johnson courts from the Coordinator by the Racquetball courts.

NAME BADGES: Badges are $9. When your name badge is ready, you will receive an email and you may pick up your badge in the WHITE mailbox next to the club bulletin board. Name badges are required to be worn during club events.

NOVICE NIGHT: Open to beginning or fairly new players. Play is similar to a Round Robin, rotating players. See schedule on calendar tab above.

RESERVING A COURT: Call the RH Johnson Tower at 623-544-6151 to make a court reservation. Tower hours vary. See club bulletin board for hours. This is for BOTH Liberty Courts and Sands Courts.

ROUND ROBIN: Different groups meet and rotate players at set time intervals. Usually grouped by skill level, such as Newbies, Novices, Intermediate or Advanced. PLUS Mixed Couples, Team Play, Reciprocal Play and More!

SAFETY: Wearing appropriate workout clothing and proper footwear will help ensure your safety during play. No loose fitting or hanging clothing or things jangling in pockets etc. Proper shoes are a must. Visors, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and water are also advisable.

SOCIAL EVENTS: Many social events are held throughout the year including New Member Social, Snowbird/Sweatbird Tourney, Dink Invitational, Breakfast Drop-In, Turkey Shoot, Holiday Parties, plus much more. See Club Activities for more information.

SPONSORSHIPS: The SCW Pickleball Club is very fortunate to have many individuals and businesses that support the club financially through sponsorship programs. We have many different ways to sponsor the club. If you have an interest in becoming a sponsor or recommending a sponsor, please email Ken Holtz.

TOURNAMENTS: The SCW Pickleball Club has an annual tournament every March, called Fun in The Sun or FITS, for short. Go to pickleballtournaments.com and check out our FITS tournament and other local tournaments for participation.

VOLUNTEERING: The Club has our very own V Club Honor Roll. It is made up of people just like you who volunteer for different things to help the Pickleball Club have lots or fun. Contact Lucy Ward lucyward1@cox.net to sign up as a Club volunteer and belong to our V Club.

911: If an emergency or needing assistance during an accident while at Liberty Courts, please dial 911 and give the courts address: 13800 W Deer Valley Drive, SCW, AZ 85375. Signs are posted on the Courts.

If you have other questions and answers you would like added to this list. Please let us know. Thanks!