Instruction Resources

General Information

  1. Skill Level Descriptions
    Understanding of your current skill level capability.
  2. Review of Fundamentals
    Definitions of Pickleball Terms and Pickleskills+ Terminology.
  3. PS+ Lesson Drills & Games
    downloadable drills document.
  4. Basic Rules of Pickleball
    The basic rules as provided by USAPA
  5. Learning Links
    Pickleball Training Links to Websites

Pickleball Channel Videos

  1. How to Hit a Third Shot Drop
  2. Improve your Game With a Soft Return
  3. Stacking
  4. A Quick Tip on Placement over Power
  5. Who Calls Kitchen Foot Faults
  6. Pickleball for all Generations

Pickleball Links
Here are some useful links to the Pickleball Tournament site, the USAPA site and other Pickleball Clubs: