Pickleskills+ Lesson Schedule


PickleSkills Plus – Lesson Schedule

The PickleSkills Plus Lessons Program has ended for this season and will start again in October.

Signing up for classes are by online registration only and Club Membership is required.

If you are interested in orientation lessons during the summer, please contact Cheri Cavanaugh at 623-734-0739 or email Cheri.

Introduction to Pickleball
Will start again in October, please check schedule for updates.

All SCW residents welcome. No club membership or registration is required to attend this free session

Lesson Info

Class Size: Please note that each class size will be restricted to the first 16 participants registered. We will allow 4 additional people to register (for a total of 20) however, they will serve as subs only and if class participation is full, they are welcome to view and listen. Each person who registers is making the commitment to attend all of the scheduled lessons in the three week series. If you are unable to attend, please do not register, as you are taking the place of someone who does wish to attend. All participants should meet under the large canopy in the gathering space, 10 minutes before the scheduled lesson time.

Skill Level Restrictions: Each lesson and group is designed to teach skills at that level of play.
Please make sure you DO NOT sign up for lessons above your next level of play. For example: If
you are signing up for a 3.0 Intermediate group of lessons, you should be a strong 2.5 player and seriously approaching the 3.0 level. This means your skills have advanced, you are delivering shots consistently with success and are ready to take on new challenges. Many players have not been tournament rated or may not know what level their play currently is rated. Most players tend to over estimate their playing ability! We suggest you read through the “Skill Level Descriptions” to help you gain a better understanding. If you would like to be rated, please review information under the “Skill Level Rating Program”. If during lessons you are unable to contribute at a level near par with the other participants, the PS+ Leader will discuss this with you and possibly suggest a different level of lessons.

Lesson Participation: Once you have completed a series of 3 lessons, we ask that you do not
repeat the lessons or sign up for a new level of lessons, until you have had a chance to practice what you have learned. In other words, please do not sign up for another set of lessons until at least one full month or lessons series has gone by and a new series of lessons may become available. This will allow more people to participate and also give you the opportunity to practice and put these new skills into practice during: drop-in, round robins, ladders, etc.

Please Thank Our Sponsor & Volunteers! We are very fortunate to have Drew McKaig of Fullerton Financial Planning to sponsor our Club & the PickleSkills Plus program. With his assistance we have been able to fund different practice aids including our State of the Art Pickleball Ball Machine and the Practice Back Board. He provides services in the following areas to many of our members and SCW residents: financial planning, Social Security planning, long-term care needs, etc. If you are in need, please contact Drew. And without all of our volunteers this would not be possible. Thanks!