Men’s Ladder Schedule


 Bob Homyak is the Men’s  Ladder coordinator.  Turk White is the backup coordinator.  Email Bob to get registered or to make schedule changes.

New players should read the Ladder Guidelines and then email Bob  to register.  The Thursday night schedule will be posted by Wednesday afternoon.  If you can’t play after the schedule is posted,  you MUST call someone to sub for you and email Bob who is substituting.


Important: three other people are

depending on you or a sub being there.


Please wear your club ID badge when participating in club events.


Email is the preferred commuication method:

Bob Homyak :  phone 763 229-2652

Turk White :  phone 623 202-4086


This will be the last week until fall due to turnout below 12 people.   Have a great summer – see you in Sept/Oct 2017 …