Skill Level Rating Program

The Skill Level Rating program is a new resource for the club. Rating sessions will be scheduled during the season (October through April) to provide a consistent system to rate the playing abilities of club members.  All participants registering for the Pickleskills+ lesson series other than 2.5 will be required to have a USAPA or Club rating of 3.0 or 3.5.  Registration has ended. March 15 will be the last session of the season.


Skill Level Ratings Committee Chair Person: Deb Arnold 623.251.1982
Members: Bruce Wray, Ken Holtz, Sandy Simon

For more information, click the appropriate link

  1. General Rating Information
  2. IFP Rating Descriptions
  3. IFP Accessment Form 2.5
  4. IFP Accessment Form 3.0
  5. IFP Accessment Form 3.5
  6. IFP Accessment Form 4.0