Sponsor Appreciation Day

Join us for our Sponsor Appreciation night at Palm Ridge Feb 21. Show your gratitude to all our sponsors and check out the special deals now being offered by the Sands Automotive Group.


Attention SCW Pickleball Members:
Currently we are in need of quality used inventory! 

Because of our relationship with the Pickleball Club, our management has asked to reach out with special offers to see if you are interested.

We are purchasing qualtity vehicles for cash, offering much higher “over book value” trades and teaming up with General Motors for extra incentives to pass along to you.

If interested in learning more or to make an appointment please contact 480.708.0687 and ask for Blair Wilkes, your personal Sand Chevrolet Pickleball Club representative.

To learn more about Sands Chevrolet and Sands Kia please feel welcome to click the links below.
Chevrolet – http://www.sandssurprise.com/
Kia  – https://www.sandskia.com/