Attention All Members

Per Recreation Center rules the SCW Pickleball Club must dedicate 10% of the total number of pickleball courts to non-member play, or SCW community play. There are 26  courts – so 3 … [ read more ]

Pickleball Summer Lessons

Summer Lessons will be  available through the month of September. For information please contact the Instructor: Cheri Cavanaugh 716-812-4246  

Indoor Court Opens May 8

Starting Monday, May 8, and continuing until August 31, the indoor court at Palm Ridge will be available for reservation.Click on the “Indoor Court” tab at the top of the page for … [ read more ]

Summer Court Schedule

The summer court schedules, effective May 1st, are now available on the calendar page for both the Sands Courts at RHJ and the Liberty Courts at Palm Ridge. 

Season End Sale

As the snowbird season-end is approaching, the pickleball club is offering two items at a bargain price. Ball caps and backpacks. Quantities are limited, so order now. Please contact Tim at 701-471-9843 if you … [ read more ]